Paul Zindel

The Pulitzer prize winning young adult author Paul Zindel meant so much to me as a teenager. In some ways, he saved my life, my internal life. I felt so alone in the world and Zindel expressed his own loneliness and desperate anxiety about growing upĀ in his books and plays. The book that really changed

Perfect Guitar Solos

The age of the guitar god has long past but they left a legacy of perfection here and there that is astounding. These are a few guitar solos that I feel rise to the level of high art. They fit perfectly because they provide the musical version of what the lyrics have set forth previously.

Potentially A Hero

There has been a lot of confusion over the years over how American soldiers are to be treated socially. The common statement is something like “soldiers don’t need to be thanked for their service and they aren’t heroes necessarily”. This is very true but it misses the point. When you join the military you aren’t

Yoga Isn’t Stretching

The commonplace idea that yoga is primarily about stretching couldn’t be further from the truth. This is obvious when viewing any famous instructor. They’re on the thin side but always slightly built. You can’t become built, slightly or otherwise, by stretching. What looks like stretching is actually no different than lifting an imaginary barbell. If

What Minimalist Isn’t

Being a minimalist doesn’t necessarily mean that you have very little possessions. It means that each possession has been carefully considered. Does this object really make me happy? Do I desire it to the utmost? Do I really need it? The Tor shoe was recently shown to me by a runner friend of mine as

Items for Sale at

I’m cleaning house and some of my prized items are now for sale at Fender Pro Junior 60th Anniversary Amp with JJ Tubes and Cover – $350 This baby has really been babied since I bought it in 2008. Played only occasionally in a bedroom setting. It has enhanced tubes and is in pristine